A Keepsake Table

A client came to me with an interesting project: she had an antique typesetter’s tray that she was using to display a variety of keepsakes.  She wondered if I could build a coffee table that would contain the tray and display it under a piece of glass.   NO PROBLEM!!!! (I love projects like this…)

It is made of soft maple with a dye satin, followed by a topcoat.  Soft maple differs from Hard maple in three ways:

  1. it is softer (duh…)
  2. it is , well, uglier in its natural state.  I has grey and greenish streaks in it and is rather unattractive.  However, it stains beautifully.
  3. is is cheaper.

The Hinckley Table , posted elsewhere, is made of the same wood.

Check it out below!